Advanced Design Studio

Deepen your design practice and gain professional experience and perspective

Spring 2017
M+W+F 10:30-12:20
3-4 Units
Credit/No Credit
Concept Car

Have you taken a class and now you’re wondering what’s next? Are you looking to amp up your design skills? Are you curious about creative roles beyond Stanford? Do you want to tackle real, in-progress projects of creative professionals with their guidance and perspective? If so, Advanced Design Studio is for you. This course will magnify your design skills, expose you to design-related positions after Stanford, and coach you through working on a project of your own devising. As a key component of the project-based course, you will engage and work with a professional in a creative role. If you want to explore design and its applicability at a higher level, this course is for you.

In addition to design project work, Advanced Design Studio will build on introductory design thinking skills and specifically focus on advanced practice in the following:

(1) Making at higher resolution (sketching, graphic design, intentionality, and specific tools such as the x-acto, laser cutter and vinyl cutter)

(2) Synthesis (noticing, reframing, mapping, insight-finding, and ambiguity-navigating)

(3) Voice (scoping projects, writing, vocalizing intent and vision, recognizing when you’ve found something interesting, and critique)

Prerequisite: Excellent performance in a prior or design (Product Design, HCI, etc.) class. A written application and attendance at one office hours session is mandatory.

Office hours (held upstairs in the Bay Studio at the

Friday, February 24, 3-4 pm

Monday, March 6,  2-3 pm

Wednesday, March 8, 3-4 pm

When you come to office hours, bring physical or digital examples of your past design or design thinking projects.

Accepting 10 Graduate students, or Junior/Senior Undergraduates.
Apply here by March 10

Teaching Team
Thomas Both, Fellowship Director,
Carissa Carter, Director of Teaching and Learning,

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