Why Should I Wear This? Prototyping Human-Centered Value Propositions for Wearables

Winter 2016
Saturday Jan 16, 9:00am-1:00pm
Studio 1

Wearable devices are the next phase of the mobile revolution. Yet, the truth is data can be boring. After a few weeks or days wearing a device, no matter how well designed, consumers invariably wonder, “Why should I wear this?” Today, many wearables are in search of a clear value proposition. Quantification isn’t enough. Turning data into relevant and engaging information is the key to realizing the true promise of wearables—meaningful behavior change. This pop-up will focus on the following outcomes:
1.  Developing human-centered value propositions in a structured way.
2.  Translating value propositions into clearly differentiated concepts.
3.  Creating shared understanding of concepts through story mapping.
4.  Rapid prototyping techniques to make concepts tangible

Accepting 16-24 students. Open to Graduate Students, Fellows, post-docs. Apply here before Sunday December 6 at 11:59pm.

Teaching Team
Elizabeth Glenewinkel, Design Research, gravitytank
Mario Ruiz, Strategic Innovation Executive, Salesforce Ignite