Visual Storytelling

Leverage Visual Tools to Add Processing Power and Enrich Communication

Fall 2015
Tue Oct 13, 6:00-9:00p
Thu Oct 15, 6:00-9:00p
Studio 2

Did you ever want to draw an idea, but couldn’t; were afraid to; didn’t think you could?

Would you like to be able to draw with…



Brainstorming / Mindmapping


Draw products and prototypes

Draw web/app interfaces

Welcome to Visual Storytelling – where people who can’t draw come out drawing things they never imagined they could.

Rich’s Story:

When I was first exposed to this material, I had always wanted to draw but never thought that I could. In one week with a book I taught myself to draw and it changed how I think. Now I confidently draw any idea that I think of AND now I think it more visual ways.

Drew’s Story:

When I was 5, I had a babysitter who drew monsters– dragons, in particular. I asked him, “how do you do that?” He just said, “practice.” According to the evidence (my mother kept a box), that made a huge impression on me. It sparked an interest in creating, thinking and showing my ideas visually. It also established a belief that it’s not magic or genetics, but ITERATION that leads to results.

No matter what your story is or what (lack of) drawing skills you think you have, you will learn the visual building blocks, the tools, and the perspective to visually represent anything.

In each class you will learn skills and then apply them right away to visual problem-solving and note-taking.

Class 1 – learn about proximity, line, shapes, pictographs and text as tools we can use to think and to communicate. Pssst, you know more than you think you do.

Class 2 – the big picture: metaphor and special effects. How you can take your basic drawing and add the power, the pop, the pizazz that will make people ask you for a copy of your notes!

Accepting 16 students. Both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. Apply here.

Teaching Team
Richard Cox, GSB,, People Rocket
Andrew Merit , Merit Illustration


Visual Storytelling