The Power of Immersion

Embedding with people to inspire design.

Fall 2016
Oct 29-30
Studio 2

Immersion is a technique not often focused on but provides a rich understanding of a user or user group that can’t be found from interviewing alone. Dig deep as you immerse yourselves into intimate moments, such as a family at home on a Saturday morning—which are usually sheltered from the outside world. You’ll design for the moments and rituals of family to improve their everyday experience, to provide learning opportunities for kids, and to address challenges they’re facing. You’ll share prototypes with the families and get their feedback.

You’ll flex your design muscles with specific focus on immersion, connecting personal insights to broader themes, and prototyping for feedback. This will be a whole weekend project, with a briefing Friday night, time with a family Saturday and Sunday mornings, and design time in the afternoons.


Accepting 16-18 students. Open to Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Fellows and Post-docs, Community members
Apply by September 9

Teaching Team
Sally Madsen, IDEO
Jessica Munro, Entrepreneurs by Design

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