The Curiosity Advantage: Developing and Directing curiosity to ignite creativity

Want to innovate? Start with curiosity.

Fall 2016
Saturday Oct 15, 10:00am-3:00pm
Studio 2

In our culture today, and especially here in Silicon Valley, we aggrandize the lone genius, the revolutionary thinker, and the breakthrough idea. There’s a lot of pressure to equate creativity with originality, yet research shows that creativity happens by making unexpected connections between existing ideas. In being more open to new experiences and information, curious people are far more likely to make these creative connections. Curiosity sets us up for more “ah-ha” moments, and thankfully, it’s a mindset we can develop and hone.

In this one-day pop-up class, we’ll debunk the “Originality Myth” and experience the power of active curiosity to spark creative thinking across all fields – from design to science, medicine, and education. Through a design challenge, we will explore a framework and specific methods for cultivating curiosity in your life and creativity in your work. Since inspiration is everywhere, we will get out of the classroom to observe our world with fresh eyes, ask better questions, and make unexpected connections. With a collection of new experiences, we will return to the classroom and explore further with a prototyping activity, reinforcing the value of tangible thinking.

You’ll leave this pop-up with:

-A model of curiosity and how it works to ignite creativity
-Methods for deliberately spotting, capturing and connecting ideas
-Tools to apply curiosity strategically on your creative challenges
-Practice with rapid prototyping
-Your curiosity piqued!


Accepting 20 Students. Open to Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Fellows, post-docs.
Apply by September 9

Teaching Team
Gretchen Wustrack, Designer and Founder, Curiosity Atlas
Kareem Collie, Teaching Fellow