Teaming with Purpose — How to Brand Yourself and Your Team in Alignment with Your Individual and Collective Purpose

Spring 2015
Fri. Apr 3, 6:00p-9:00p
Sat. Apr 4, 10:00a-3:00p
Studio 1

Ed Catmull, co-founder and CEO of Pixar, writes, “Give a great idea to a mediocre team and you get a mediocre result. [But an exceptional team can make a mediocre idea great!]”

Design thinking starts with empathy, but what happens when we take a human-centered approach to teams? When you turn the empathy lens on the team itself, you discover the qualities and tools of exceptional teams.

Teaming with Purpose will explore the intention we bring to teaming, develop our awareness, and successfully harness team dynamics to get great results.

This will be a highly interactive workshop where we’ll explore themes and co-create tools around exceptional team-making. You will uncover teamwork principles, learn your teammates’ strengths, discover your team’s real mission, engage with each other to build trust and identify your individual purpose in the context of the team’s mission.

We’ll then put it all together with a short team project to test what we’ve learned and then widen the lens to review the framework we’ve built. You’ll walk away armed with a toolkit to successfully guide teams as both leader and team member. And apply the principles of exceptional teams when working outside the lab and in the wild.

Bring your own team dynamic to the party—what’s working and what isn’t—and you’ll learn how to improve communication, get better results and have more fun along the way. That’s teaming with purpose.

Accepting 30 students. We’re only accepting applications from existing teams of 2-4.  This could be a team from another class or a side project. We’re committed to helping you see a difference in your team’s work through the tools you’ll learn in this course.  If you are interested in the topic but are not part of a team, please email the teaching team for further information. Open to graduate and undergraduate students. Application deadline is Wednesday, March 18th at 11:59pm. Apply here.

Teaching Team
Anne Gibbon
Seth Jaret, Content Engine
Rich Cox, People Rocket,, GSB