Subjective Obsessive Beauty

Tuesday evenings
April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
6:15p – 9:15p
Studio 2
1 unit

Design is a reflection of the world, processed through the designer’s mind. In this short-format workshop we will explore tapping into your designer’s mind and amplify your creative process. The class sessions will include discovery exercises, guest lectures, critiques, and examples from industry and art of how people use creative experiments, habits and practices to elevate their work. In this class you will stretch your mind, use your hands, and advance a lifelong creative practice.

This class will be held on the 5 Tuesdays of April for 3 hours.  You must be able to attend all classes to participate (Exception: April 23 is an optional work session and office hours). Applications due March 15.  Apply here:


Teaching Team
Thomas Both,
Jennifer Lopez, ME Design