StoryViz: Communication Redesigned

Fall 2014
Thu 9:00a – 12:00p
Studio 2
ME 375A
2-3 Units
Credit/No Credit
Launched 2010

StoryViz is about designing communication with intention. You will gain practice with storytelling, graphic & media design, and performance by redesigning the means, methods, and content of communication all around us.

This class is a studio: you’ll share work during weekly design critiques building up to a 3-week project to exercise everything you’ve learned.

StoryViz is focused on practicing principles rather than building tech skills… we won’t teach details of FinalCut or paintbrush selection in PhotoShop. It is an opportunity to apply skills you have and stretch into new ones by designing across any and all media.

Enrollment limited to 24 graduate students.
Application closed

Teaching Team
Scott Doorley,
Scott Witthoft,


StoryViz: Communication Redesigned