SparkTruck: Imagining the Future of Learning

Drive change in education

Wed 3:15-6:05pm, Plus one 2-hour Lab per week (Time TBD)
Concept Car
ME 376A/ EDUC 333B
4 Units
Letter Grade

Created at the last year, SparkTruck has traveled over 15,000 miles across the USA, teaching thousands of kids how to build stuff and unleash their creativity. In this class, students will explore the potential of a mobile platform for affecting change in the educational ecosystem. Topics will include introductions to the design process, modern prototyping tools, and the complex education ecosystem. Students will work in teams in this project-based class, and an emphasis will be placed on real-world prototyping through hands-on field work in local schools. Interested and qualified students will have the opportunity to embark on a cross-country road trip in the SparkTruck this summer. Open to all graduate students and well-qualified undergrads of any major. Enrollment is limited.

Application closed

Teaching Team:
Eugene Korsunskiy, Stanford Design Program
Jason Chua, Mechanical Engineering
Susie Wise, d.K12 Lab Network
Maureen Carroll, School of Education

Marlo Dreissigacker Kohn, Product Realization Lab
J.D. Schramm, Mastery in Communication Initiative, Graduate School of Business
Charlotte Burgess-Auburn,
and other surprise guests!


SparkTruck: Imagining the Future of Learning