Social Brands

A hands-on two-week survey of Marketing’s cutting edge, where bold brands are becoming ever more open, participatory, experiential & experimental

2-Week Workshop
May 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17
3:15p – 6:30p
Studio 2
MKTG 541
2 Units
Credit/No Credit 

Inspired by a smattering of provocative real-world examples and guests, diverse student teams will employ design methods to conceive of and visualize their own creative proposals for how the Stanford GSB itself might engage with the world in new ways. Teams will ultimately pitch their final concepts to the GSB’s Chief Marketing Officer for consideration, feedback and potential real-world implementation.

Applications due March 15. Apply here:

Teaching Team
Chris Flink, IDEO and
Jennifer Aaker, Graduate School of Business
Blair Shane, CMO, Graduate School of Business