Ritual Design: Designing Meaning into Everyday Experiences

Winter 2015
Feb. 20, 5:30p-8:00p
Feb. 21, 10:00a-4:00p
Feb. 24, 5:30p-8:00p
Studio 1

Our daily lives are full of routines that give us comfort and stability, but also, can make us feel stagnated and bored. In this class, we will play with daily routines to see how to make them into meaningful delightful experiences. Meaningfulness could mean changing your behavior, building strong connections to people around you, connecting to your spirituality and higher values, or just creating a memorable time for yourself.

We will use rituals as our framework to design rich experiences around four everyday themes: food, grooming, productivity, and commuting. We will take existing routines, discover new meaning(s), and infuse ritual moments. Each student will develop and create their own ritual product, or service.

While building on the entire design process, in this class the focus will be on developing strong definition and ideation skills and using advanced tools such as experience/user journey mapping, abstract laddering and storyboarding. This class is for you if you are already comfortable with the design process but want to advance in crafting more nuanced design concepts.

24 students. Undergraduate and graduate students encouraged to apply. Apply here with the Pop-Up common application.

Teaching Team
Kursat Ozenc, Autodesk
Defne Civelekoglu, gravitytank
Margaret Hagan, Stanford Law School, d.school


Ritual Design: Designing Meaning into Everyday Experiences