Research as Design: Redesign Your Research Process

Fall 2016
Nov 5
Studio 1

Are you a PhD or Master’s Student who has always wanted to take a class but never had the time to do something outside of your field or department? Or maybe it sounded like fun but you weren’t sure how what you learned would help your research? Come join us for this fun introduction to design thinking methods and techniques that focuses specifically on using them to help you do better research. Our goal is to recognize the creative, playful mindset that underlies successful innovation in scholarship and explore how design thinking can improve the research process to make us more innovative scholars or scientists. Our starting premise: Emerging scientists, scholars, and interdisciplinary researchers need tools, techniques, support, and inspiration to approach their research in an innovative and playful spirit of design.

You will explore a variety of design skills and mindsets, but focus especially on how being mindful of your own research process, work styles, emotional state, and sometimes-hidden assumptions can help you get “unstuck” when you face research bumps in the road. This class is designed for students without previous experience in design thinking (especially those who may have very little idea what “design thinking” even means!).

Accepting 24 students. Open to Graduate Students, Fellows and Post-docs
Apply by September 9

Teaching Team
Lindley Mease, Stanford University’s Woods Institute for the Environment
Anja Svetina Nabergoj, & Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University in Ljubljana, Slovenia