ReDesigning Theater: Interactive Art and Performance Design

Fill your toolbox with skills to transform your ideas into engaging public projects

Winter & Spring 2014
ME 289A/B
Launched 2012

Winter: Wed 1:15p – 3:05p
(Field trip on January 17th 9am-6pm)
Studio 1

2 Units
Letter Grade

Spring: Mon/Wed 1:15p – 3:05p
Studio 1
3-4 units
Letter Grade

This class is for those who want the experience of designing and creating interactive art and performance pieces for public audiences, using design thinking as the method, and supported by guest speakers, artist studio visits and needfinding trips to music festivals, museums and performances.

Drawing on the fields of design, art, performance, and engineering, each student will ideate, design, plan and lead a team to build an interactive art and/or performance piece to be showcased to audience of 5,000 at the Frost Music and Art Festival held on the Stanford campus on May, 17th 2014. Projects can range from interactive art to unconventional set design, and from site-specific sculpture to immersive performance.

This is a two-quarter long commitment during which students will first learn the design, planning, story boarding, budgeting, engineering, proposal creation and concept pitching of projects for applying for grants and presenting to funders. The second quarter will concentrate on prototyping, maquette making, testing, team forming, project management, creative leadership, construction, site installation and documentation. For more info:

Enrollment limited to 35 graduate and undergraduate students.
Application closed

Teaching Team
Michael Sturtz, ME Design
Sasha Leitman, CCRMA

With special guests from: CCRMA, TAPS, Art and Engineering


ReDesigning Theater: Interactive Art and Performance Design