#PML: Prototype My Life

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Oct. 21 – Dec. 4
10:00a – 12:30p
Concept Car
0 Units

Life is an experiment. If you design it well, it can be very fulfilling. #PML will give you the tools to apply the design process to the most important subject of all…YOU! #PML will cultivate a lifelong practice of empathetically experimentating towards a fulfilling life!

Enrollment limited to 24 students. Applications close Sep. 23 @ 11:59pm. Apply here: bit.ly/popupappfall2014

Teaching Team
Bernie Roth, d.school
Jeremy Utley, d.school
Logan Deans, InsideSales.com

jeremyutley@gmail.com, bernie@dschool-old.stanford.edu, logandeans@gmail.com