Motion/Graphics? : Investigating Improvisational Movement and Embodied Design Strategies

Spring 2015
3 Monday sessions, 4:15p-5:45p, dates TBD
Studio 1

Bring together tools from design thinking and improvisational movement strategies to develop the role and uses of movement, physicality, as a fundamental tenets in your design practice.

Each of the three sessions will focus on a movement strategy and a design practice aided by a guest artist or designer. We will investigate a different area of design thinking and the embodied strategies that are currently in use there. These are strategies that depend on the position of bodies in space and ways they affect the outcomes of design work—think of how the furniture in the Bay Studio changes the position of a designer from sitting to standing, from reflective, to active.

How can strategies like these be augmented, manipulated, and redesigned based on their interaction with improvisational movement strategies? Can we stretch our understanding and our impact in the design of events, services, interviews, observations, graphics, etc. through the combination of these ways of thinking and ways of doing?

Students and teaching teams alike will work to learn what can be made from the interaction. We hope that students will come away from this class with a better understanding of the embodied strategies active in our lives and our work all the time, and also of the ways in which they can be both deliberately designed and changed on the fly.


Accepting 24 students. Open to graduate and undergraduate students. Application deadline is Wednesday, March 18th at 11:50pm. Apply here.

Teaching Team
Aleta Hayes,
Charlotte Burgess-Auburn,