Mindfulness & Design: Basics of Experience & Environments Design

design environments for human-centered experiences.

Fall 2016
Saturday, Oct 8 1:00 – 4:30pm
Studio 1

Everywhere you go you effect the experiences around you—through your participation and perspective. You can transform simple encounters and complex relationships by thoughtfully tuning how you show up and how you create opportunities for others to participate.

We’ll go through a series of short experiences, each with increasing complexity, to deliberately pick out ways that you can start to transform your daily experiences—on a personal and team level. We’ll use journey mapping to explore variables that you identify as personally meaningful and then practice using them to design experiences for other people.

An important part of this class will be identifying ways that physical spaces and objects can be part of your active toolset in designing experiences. We’ll focus on experimenting with variables of physical spaces and ephemeral details — duration and senses — as a way to practice taking control of the world around you to design meaningful experiences for yourself and others.

Accepting 15-30 students. Open to Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Fellows and Post-docs
Apply by September 9

Teaching Team
Olga Dotter, Founder, Blue Fig Labs
Adam Royalty, Lecturer, Lead Design Research Investigator, d.school
Scott Witthoft, Lecturer, Environments Designer, d.school


Mindfulness & Design: Basics of Experience & Environments Design