Make Space : The Book

Make Space (John Wiley & Sons, 2012) is a new book based on the work at the Stanford University and its Environments Collaborative Initiative. It is a tool for helping people intentionally manipulate space to ignite creativity.

Appropriate for designers charged with creating new spaces or anyone interested in revamping an existing space, this guide offers novel and non-obvious strategies for changing surroundings specifically to enhance the ways in which teams and individuals communicate, work, play—and innovate. This work is based on years of classes and programs at the including countless prototypes and iterations with students and spaces.

Foam Cubes
Hiding Place

Make Space breaks down content into 5 buckets:

Tools—tips on how to build everything from furniture, to wall-treatments, and rigging

Situations—scenarios, and layouts for sparking creative activities

Insights—bite-sized lessons designed to shortcut your learning curve

Space Studies—candid stories with lessons on creating spaces for making, learning, imagining, and connecting

Design Template—a framework for understanding, planning, and building collaborative environments


The content fits for a range of cultures & institutions: corporations, teams, and schools alike. Because the tips and instructions can be approached from a wide variety of angles, Make Space is a ready resource for empowering anyone to take control of an environment.

The authors, Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft, are directors of the Environments Collaborative. With the support of the, they have prepared Make Space as a tool for everyone interested in designing and creating environments to support creative collaboration.


Make Space : The Book