Leadership through Flow: Boxing, Dance, and Philosophy

Saturday Workshop
February 1
10:00a – 2:00p
0 Credits

What makes you want to watch a body moving through space? What causes you to align yourself with someone’s vision? Let’s play with learning power and surrender through the body.

This pop-up class will explore philosophy and defining a personal style of leadership through body movement. There are mechanics to the movements of boxing and dance — and to impacting teams as a leader — but there is a deeper foundation to the system of those movements. In boxing, it stems from understanding where power originates in the feet and through the hips. In leadership, it is a framework of values and a paradigm of whom you serve and why. Students will explore how Socratic discussion allows one to find greater flow in boxing and dance, and how learning the foundation of movement allows one to develop a more authentic and effective leadership style.

Teaching Team
Aleta Hayes, Chocolate Heads & Theater and Performance Studies
Anne Gibbon, d.school

Enrollment limited to 35 students. Applications close January 23. Apply here: http://bit.ly/popappwinter2014

agibbon@dschool-old.stanford.edu, ahayes1@stanford.edu