Law by Design: Making Law People-Friendly

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings
Jan. 21, 23, 30, Feb. 4 & 6
6:30p – 8:30p
Studio 1
1 Credit

Law isn’t typically thought of as a space for creativity or great human experiences, but this class sets out to change that.

In Law by Design, interdisciplinary teams of students will design a new generation of legal products — to help normal US consumers get in control of their legal situation: specifically, their end-of-life legal plan.

Though this process is important for protecting a person’s interests — and helping their loved ones once they’ve been incapacitated — many people don’t do it.

There has been little innovation in how people may establish end-of-life plans. The teams will have the opportunity to pioneer what ‘consumer law’ could be.

Law by Design will be a hands-on sprint to see how we can empower non-legal people with legal agency, using human-centered design.

Teaching Team
Margaret Hagan,
Fred Leichter,
Ron Dolin, Law School

Enrollment limited to 24 students. Applications close January 7. Apply here: