LaunchPad: Design and Launch Your Product or Service

Zero to Revenue in Ten Weeks

Spring 2017
10:30 – 12:20p
Studio 1
Office Hours, Tuesdays 2:30-4:00pm, Bay Studio
ME 301
4 Units
Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit
Launched 2009

This is an intense course in product design and development offered to graduate students only (no exceptions). In just ten weeks, we will apply principles of design thinking to the real-life challenge of imagining, prototyping, testing and iterating, building, pricing, marketing, distributing and selling your product or service. You will work hard on both sides of your brain. You will experience the joy of success and the (passing) pain of failure along the way. This course is an excellent chance to practice design thinking in a demanding, fast-paced, results-oriented group with support from faculty and industry leaders.

This course may change your life. We will treat each team and idea as a real start-up, so the work will be intense. If you do not have a passionate and overwhelming urge to start a business or launch a product or service, this class will not be a fit.

Enrollment limited to 30 graduate students.

You will be working in a team (you apply as an intact team), or alone on your product or service idea. You must submit a proposal by 4:30p on February 28, 2017 and have the concept and your team approved to join the class. Your product can be a physical good or service, or an online or software-based product. Students are encouraged to select a product on their own.

There will be office hours sessions with the teaching team in Winter (Tuesdays 2:30p – 4:00p in the, Bay Studio upstairs) to offer help if you need ideas or help to focus your proposal. These office hours are open to the public. Applicants are REQUIRED to come to at least two office hours sessions to meet the teaching team and discuss their start up. These sessions have the potential to help you advance your startup regardless of your admittance status in the Spring.

For more information, see our website.

Teaching Team
Perry Klebahn,
Jeremy Utley,


LaunchPad: Design and Launch Your Product or Service