Iterating an Everyday Object

Jan 20, 6:00p-9:00p
Studio 1

Iteration is one of the foundational skills of design thinking. In this single 3-hour class we will focus on the challenges and benefits of iterating a design.

During the first two hours of the class we will draw/build new versions of a common object (think a pencil or a fork).

During the final hour, we will debrief the experience, have a group discussion about iteration, and discuss ways that a greater sense of that skill can enhance one’s efficacy with design thinking.

No drawing experience is necessary. All students will be recorded during the drawing/building portion of the class. The students will have access to their individual recordings.

Priority given to graduate students. Apply here with the Pop-Up common application.

Teaching Team
Tom Maiorana, Founder, Red Cover Studios
Seamus Hearte,
Scott Witthoft,

maiorana [dot] tom [at] gmail [dot] com


Iterating an Everyday Object