Introduction to Legal Design

Empowering Normal People Stuck in Complex Systems

Spring 2015
Tue/ Thu 4:15p – 6:05p
Studio 1
Law 761
4 Units
Letter Grade
Launching 2015

Intro to Legal Design is a 9-week course for  students to reimagine how legal services are delivered, & learn how to use human-centered design methods to create breakthrough solutions to complex problems.

The students will work with project partners — including legal aid groups/courts, and a private law firm — on 2 legal service challenges to help the partners solve real problems they & their users face. We’ll explore how to use technology & data, as well as visual & service design, to improve how lay people navigate the legal system and how legal professionals work.

For each challenge, students will work on interdisciplinary teams, with close coaching from designers, engineers & lawyers. Students will learn design methods and use their respective expertise to design new innovations that make legal services more accessible & engaging.

Students will be graded based on their project work, class participation, and assignments.

Enrollment limited to 24 students. Graduate and undergraduate students encouraged to apply.
Application closed

Teaching Team
Margaret Hagan, JD, PhD in international politics
James Williams, JD, PhD in CS (thesis pending) and Google privacy engineer