Innovations in Education: Imagine the Future of High School


Winter 2016
Mondays 4:30-7:20pm
Thursdays 8:30-10:20am (Lab time)
Studio 1
ED 338
3-4 Units
Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit
Launched 2008

We’ve all been to school and so we tend to think we know something about what schools should like and how they should run. What if instead of building from our assumptions we questioned what school could be and designed from there? In this course we’ll take a user-centered design approach in a multi-stakeholder system to design new models for what high school could be. Areas of investigation include redesigning the role of the teacher and the use of time, schedule, space, and site.

This course is an introduction to design thinking and its application in the education sector. Students will learn the design thinking process and use it to create new high school models and prototype critical elements of their visions. They will be immersed in contemporary discourse around new school models and spend time with leading innovators in the space.

For the course we see graduate students from all disciplines and levels of design experience.

Accepting 25 Students. Open to Graduate Students, Fellows, post-docs. Apply by Dec 5.
Application closed.

Teaching Team
Susie Wise, K12 Lab Network Director,
Sandy Speicher, Studio Director, IDEO
David Clifford, Chief Catalyst and Founder, Design School X
Ariel Raz, Learning Experience Designer, K12 Lab Network,