Humanize My Ride

Investigating User-Centric Vehicle Design

Fall 2014
Mon/Wed 3:15p – 5:05p
Studio 1
ME 292
3 Units
Letter Grade
Launching This Year

Humanize My Ride is vehicle design targeting the extreme user. We will explore the relationship between specialized vehicles and their user’s needs, to inform a deep dive into designing and prototyping a unique purpose-modified ride for a new type of user. Using the design thinking approach, student teams will interview drivers and users of specific-purpose cars and trucks, and then build a deployable environment-vehicle for the new user. Teams will work collectively on different elements of one vehicle to test for their users needs. This project-based course is accessible to students of all backgrounds, interested in exploring and transforming the intersection of user centric design, automotive technology, creative customization and hands-on building. Class sessions will be held at the and VAIL (Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab).

Enrollment limited to 20 students. Class is open to undergraduates and graduate students.
Application closed

Teaching Team
Michael Sturtz, ME Design
Mike Serpe, G Wagen Preserve Inc.
with special guest industrial designers from GoogleX, the PRL, the, Tesla, Google’s autonomous car project, and the FBI automotive unit.


Humanize My Ride