Fostering Innovation Through Inclusion

Winter 2017
Thursday, Jan 12 4-8pm
Thursday, Jan 19 4-8pm
Google HQ

If you want to build solutions for the world, you have to understand the world first.

Research shows that diverse teams hold distinct advantages over homogeneous teams in terms of innovation capabilities and performance. This is not simply because they are visibly diverse, although this is a good indicator, but because different backgrounds and experiences lead to a greater diversity of ideas. It is this increased diversity of ideas which leads to greater creative output and ultimately more innovative solutions.

We believe diversity is a good start. But being inclusive is even better and can lead to even more innovation. Inclusion demands that leaders use the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives to strengthen an innovative culture that challenges what’s possible.

You as a leader can learn to foster this culture through your actions:

  • Inviting and integrating diverse perspectives through empathy;
  • Creating equal opportunities to succeed through ideation;
  • Fostering an environment of respect and inclusion through experimentation.

In this course, we use design as a segway for inclusion to support each of these outcomes, so you can experiment with ways to build inclusive teams and develop your inclusive-leadership skills.

The Pop-Out will be structured as two 4-hour sessions separated by one week of independent experimentation in multidisciplinary teams. In the first session, teams will define opportunities based on the synthesis of their different perspectives. In the experimentation week, teams will prototype solutions to develop a more inclusive organization. In the final session, teams will present their learnings and we will do a larger synthesis across teams.

This Pop Out is open to Stanford students, Googlers and industry leaders who have previous basic experience (courses or equivalent) with design thinking.

Accepting 20 Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Google Employees & Industry Leaders. Application Closed

Teaching Team
Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Adjunct Professor and Co-Director of the University Innovation Fellows program,
Frederik Pferdt, Chief Innovation Evangelist, Google; Adjunct Professor,