Chart a New Course: Put Design Thinking to Work

If you just ran the crash course, we hope you and your team found it to be a valuable experience, and you’re excited about doing more design thinking. If so, you are likely asking yourself how to maintain the momentum and integrate a design approach into your work.

Well, guess what?


(Three actually. We stayed up all night!)

Each is a different way to advance your project — think of them as a soundtrack for your next journey!

Choose one of them to help you immediately bring design thinking into your real-life challenges. Each mixtape will guide you through half a day of design thinking work. Plan to advance your project more in this half day than you might in a typical week.

In the spirit of bias-toward-action, get started now while you’ve still got your dancing shoes on.

Start here:

Think about a challenge you and your team are facing.
Ask yourself what you need to do more of to advance this project.
Then choose one of these three mixtapes:

More information: Which mixtape should I choose? What project should I work on?

Chart a New Course: Put Design Thinking to Work