Designing with the Brain in Mind

Spring 2016
April 23, 10:00am – 6:00pm
Studio 1

What does the three pound of matter between our ears have to do with great design?  

Obviously, you couldn’t design anything without a brain. But you shouldn’t design anything without keeping the brains of others in mind.  Breakthroughs in functional brain research and new approaches to studying decision making in real-world contexts has given us a much better understanding of how our brains process information, choice, emotion, empathy, risk and reward. But how might that translate into how do we design everything from engagements to relationships to products?  In this highly experiential one-day class, we’ll integrate new learnings about the brain and the mind and their applications to design. We’ll meet the brain close up (as in in your hands—with gloves on); we’ll discuss the impact of reward systems in our brain; and explore the role of empathy, emotion, narrative, and biases in our everyday lives.  Armed with this new knowledge, we can design processes and interactions to produce even better outcomes.  Along the way, we’ll also expand our own opportunities for creativity, learning, shared meaning, and lasting impact.

Accepting 30 students. All students encouraged to apply.
Application Closed

Teaching Team
Lisa Kay Solomon, MBA
Faculty, MBA in Design Strategy at California College of the Arts
Dr. Brie Linkenhoker, PhD (Neuroscience) Founder and Director, Worldview Stanford
Nancy Murphy, MS (Criminal Justice and Sociology) Director of Experience Design and Communications, Worldview Stanford