Designing for Sustainable Abundance

A Radically Human Centered Approach to Sustainability in the Food System

Winter 2014
Tue/Thu 3:15p -5:05p
Studio 2
MS&E 289
3 – 4 Units
Letter Grade
Launched 2008

In this hands-on, team-based, multidisciplinary class we will tackle real design challenges in our regional food shed with a radically human-centered approach, increasing sustainability hand in hand with abundance. “DSA” is a graduate-level course focused on the intersection of design thinking and the existential questions facing our food system. Students will benefit from close interaction with the teaching team, support from project sponsors, and the varied perspectives of a wide range of guest speakers.

What students have said about Sustainable Abundance:

“Fantastic! You challenged us to step WAY outside our comfort zones and really look deeper. This skill is useful not only for school, but for life as well.”

“A mind-opening class and one I often talk about to others about the advantage of coming to Stanford.”

Designing for Sustainable Abundance is sponsored by the FEED Collaborative at Stanford – an ecosystem of innovation for solving the food system’s most confounding issues. More at

Enrollment limited to 25 students.
Application closed

Teaching Team
Debra Dunn,
Matt Rothe,


Designing for Sustainable Abundance