Design Thinking Bootcamp: Experiences in Innovation and Design

Be a breakthrough innovator

Fall 2014
Mon/Wed/Fri 1:15p – 3:05p
Studio 2 & 3
ME 377
3 – 4 Units
Letter Grade
Launched 2005

Bootcamp is a fast-paced immersive experience in design thinking. You will use Design Thinking to work on multiple real world challenges in a diverse team. Tenets of design thinking including being human-centered, prototype-driven, and mindful of process. Topics include design processes, innovation methodologies, need finding, human factors, visualization, rapid prototyping, team dynamics, storytelling, and project leadership. Field work and deep collaboration with teammates are required of all students. Through coaching and guest lectures, you’ll get exposure to the application of design thinking across a broad sample of fields. Students and faculty from areas including business, earth sciences, education, engineering, humanities and sciences, law, and medicine. Limited enrollment.

This class is primarily for graduate students.
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Teaching Team
Alissa Murphy,
Ashish Goel,
Erik Olesund,


Design Thinking Bootcamp: Experiences in Innovation and Design