Sex & Design

Winter 2013

2 Day Workshop: February 12 & 19, 5:30p – 8:30p
Studio 2
No Credit

As a man or a woman, you see the world a certain way. How does that influence the products and experiences you create? Together, we will go beyond introductory design process to uncover and address latent sex-based biases. Knowing how to navigate this will make you a better design thinker, and we hope to get you further down that path in this 2-session workshop.

You have taken a class and are hungry to apply design thinking in new ways. This may be the first time you are thinking about “sex & design” — you are not an expert but you are up for the exploration. If you have gone deep on the topic of gender, you are seriously excited about this workshop.

We will facilitate your discovery of a unique point of view on the topic of Sex & Design. You can expect hands-on, project-based learning guided. You will be inspired and influenced by guest speakers who have direct experience and expertise in the topic of sex and/or design.

And if you are still unsure, no, we are not talking about THAT kind of sex (but we are intentionally framing as male/female vs. masculine/feminine, so sex it is!)

Limited to 24 students, graduate students only
application closed 2/8/2013

Teaching Team
Kerry O’Connor, Senior Business Designer and Design Lead at IDEO, and
Lia Siebert, Product Strategy and Design at a digital health start-up, and


Sex & Design