d.science: Design for Science

Taking the Lab to the Drawing Board

Spring 2013
Mon 3:15p – 5:05p, Thu 6:15p – 8:05p
Studio 1
ME 264
4 Units
Letter Grade

Where does design fit into scientific research? In this class, we will design for how data are collected, how data are communicated, and how to apply scientific insights to community-based projects. This year’s projects are inspired by the citizen science movement and The Year of the Bay. We will use human-centered design methods to understand the needs of bay area citizens, we will explore public data sets, and we will collaborate with local industry, government, and research partners, including the Exploratorium, The Department of Public Health, and the City of San Francisco.

With guest lectures from the design and science community, class partner mentors, and skills workshops, you will develop an actionable understanding of how to collect good data, how to tell stories with quantitative data, and how to balance insights from both design research and scientific research.  Skills workshops will involve sensors and data visualization.  No prior data analysis or programming experience required.

Enrollment limited to 24. This course is open to graduate students from all schools and departments.  Attendance at the first day of class is required.
Application Closed

Teaching Team
Maryanna Rogers, d.school, The Tech Museum of Innovation
Noah Zimmerman, GreenPlum




Image Credit: Stamen Design, “Pretty Maps”

d.science: Design for Science