d.school Teaching Fellowship

Call for applications for the 2015-2016 academic year!

Program description

The d.school teaching fellowship is a one-year program aimed at developing excellence in experiential design thinking teaching and learning. We’re looking for fellows that hail from both inside and outside the Stanford community that want to raise the bar in design thinking.As a teaching fellow you’ll teach courses, build new methods, create artifacts, and form relationships on many levels. You’ll be expected to work in small groups as well as individually.  You should love equally both a high degree of autonomy as well as continued feedback from your peers and the larger community.

Three parts of the d.school teaching fellowship

CONVEY (approximately 50% of your time spent here)
(1) Teach an introductory design course.
(2) Develop and teach at least one new pop-up course as well as a full quarter offering as part of a teaching team.
(3) Write and reflect on both your learnings as well as those from the larger teaching community through d.school publications.

CREATE (approximately 40% of your time spent here)
(1) Experiment towards new methods for teaching and learning design thinking inside and outside the classroom.
(2) Continue to develop an expertise in specific aspects of design thinking that are personal interests and build tangible ways for the d.community to experience them.

CURATE (approximately 10% of your time spent here)
(1) Become an expert in a specific design topic area and collect and share both teaching methods as well as the ‘state of the art’ in that discipline.
(2) Form new relationships with collaborators both inside and outside Stanford

Basic requirements to apply

(1) Masters degree or higher and work experience outside of school.
Please submit a traditional or non-traditional resume.(2) Significant design thinking experience.

Please build a portfolio of yourself as a design thinker. This might include projects you’ve pursued, methods you’ve developed, courses you’ve taught, or personal processes you follow. We’re looking to see that you have a sense for you who are as a designer and design thinker.(3) Express a strong point of view about a topic or subject that you feel the d.school should take on.

Share with us a 1 min (max) video of you explaining this topic and its importance. Why is the d.school the right place to pursue this topic? What form would it take? What place do you have in driving this subject forward?

Logistics and dates

Submit your materials here no later than midnight, Pacific Time, April 9, 2015.

This fellowship is a full-time, paid, benefits-eligible position that runs from September 2015 through June 2016.


Contact Carissa Carter carissa@dschool-old.stanford.edu