d.school-Open IDEO Partnership: Unlocking Creative Confidence in Young People

Curious about how to nurture creative confidence in young people? Interested in learning about how online innovation platforms can help foster radical collaboration and generate new ideas?

If so, apply to become a part of a Stanford d.school team that will work with OpenIDEO on an upcoming time-bound challenge. OpenIDEO is IDEO’s open innovation platform for social impact. Over the last three years, its 53,000-member global community has participated in 20 design challenges on a range of topics such as improving maternal health in the developing world, revitalizing cities in decline and supporting the spread of local food.

The d.school team will work on a ten-week challenge focusing on how to nurture creative confidence in young people (ages 15-25). Team members will actively participate in the online platform, and lead offline activities that will try to drive traffic to the platform, while simultaneously trying to design solutions to address the challenge. The team of students will work with Sarah Stein Greenberg and Nadia Roumani throughout the duration of the challenge.

Up to three units of independent study credit will be offered to students, depending on the time they can dedicate to the project.  Students will meet one to two times per week, and the meeting schedule will be determined once the team is selected. Download this PDF for additional details on the class.

Please fill out this form and send your cv to nadia@dschool-old.stanford.edu with ‘openIDEO’ in the subject header. Deadline is September 20th at 10am PST.  Stanford graduate and undergraduate (juniors and seniors ) encouraged to apply. Consideration will be given to recent d.school alumni on a case by case basis.

Teaching Team
Sarah Stein Greenberg, d.school
Nadia Roumani, d.school


d.school-Open IDEO Partnership: Unlocking Creative Confidence in Young People