d.health: Design Thinking for Better Health

Winter 2015
Tue/Thu 3:15p – 5:05p
Studio 2
3 Units
Letter Grade
Launched 2011

In the U.S., 75% of medical expenditures are for illnesses that are impacted more by an individual’s behavior than by medical care, such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. It has been shown as people modify their lifestyles with healthier habits, medical problems can be reduced or avoided and a healthier and happier life achieved. The class employs design thinking in teams while working directly with volunteers in the community to help them achieve their health goals. There is an individual project and a team project each with multiple milestones.

Enrollment limited to 20 graduate students. Apply here. Applications are due Dec. 8 at 11:59pm. Applicants will be notifiedĀ of theirĀ application status by December 11th.

Teaching Team
Denny Boyle, IDEO
Dr. Alan Glaserhoff MD, Stanford Coordinated Care Clinic
Dr. Ann Lindsay MD, Stanford Coordinated Care Clinic
Jason Oscar Randolph, School of Education



d.health: Design Thinking for Better Health