Creativity and Innovation

Amplify Your Creativity & Accelerate Innovation

Spring 2017
MS&E 177
Tue/Thu 9:00a – 11:50a
3-4 Units

Letter Grade
Studio 1

This ambitious course focuses on factors that contribute to creativity and innovation in individuals and groups within organizations. We will use a wide variety of experiential methods, including workshops, case studies, simulations, and team projects, supported by guest speakers and readings. Sample topics include how to frame and re-frame problems, how to challenge assumptions, how to work on creative teams, how to generate and test ideas, and how to tell a compelling story. Students participate in two team projects, allowing them to explore the variables that affect creativity and innovation in a variety of different settings.

Accepting 32 Undergraduate students.
Apply here by March 10

Teaching Team
Tina Seelig, Stanford Technology Ventures Program
Rich Cox, Lecturer Graduate School of Business




Creativity and Innovation