Chocolate Heads-Space

Weekend Pop-Up
October 12
10:00a – 4:00p
Studio 2
0 Credits

This Pop-up workshop will launch the Chocolate Head-Space Performance and App Project –for a week-end of brainstorming, prototyping, improvisation and performance making—with interdisciplinary faculty:  human computer interaction, choreography, video: industry professionals: branding and marketing strategists and animators: alongside Chocolate Head performers, designers, geeks, and cross-genre students.

Under the theme of teleportation( quantum mechanics and pop- sci) the workshop would explore 4 main areas: 1.) Low stakes guided improvisational exercises to create Chocolate Heads performance content and imagery. What makes YOU a Chocolate Head?; 2.) Prototyping apps in teams; 3.) Branding and marketing ideation for playground Stanford 4.) Storytelling through video, motion and music.

We seek Students who would be a part of synthesizing and extending the energy, excitement and enhanced sense of common purpose of the Chocolate Heads to the wider Stanford community.

Apply here. Applications close September 28. Enrollment limited.

Teaching Team
Aleta Hayes, Chocolate Heads, Theater and Performance Studies
Daniel Stringer, Stanford Learning Sciences and Technology Design
Eric Kuziol, Video Artist at Stanford
Guthrie Dolin, Odopod and
Wendy Ju, Center for Design Research


About The Chocolate Heads 
The Chocolate Heads are a collective of student dancers, musicians, designers, digital and spoken word artists from all different backgrounds and trainings.  2013-14 The Chocolate Heads will not only create signature dance and music experiences to be performed live, but will also layer a collaborative crowd-sourced based creative canvas onto the Stanford campus through digital media (mobile phones) and an app—the Chocolate Head-Space.

There is seeing space, and there is seeing the Chocolate Head-Space: a unique artistic vision that sees both the potential for interaction and performance. Much like photographers look at the world through a different lens than most of us, recognizing different patterns and focusing on different attributes of the world, Chocolate Heads see the potential for interaction and performance as they look through the view finder of the Chocolate Head-Space.

Content is created every time someone chooses to participate, and with enough participation the entire campus would be riddled with data-based echoes of creative ingenuity.

Here’s a summary of Chocolate Heads 2012-that performed at the Bing Concert Hall during its inaugural season under the theme of Synesthesia.

Here is our TEDX Stanford 2012: