Bursting the ‘Impossible’ Bubble: The Art of Creative Engagement

Winter 2016
Wednesdays, 3:30-5:20pm
Fridays, 1:30-5:00pm
Studio 2 & Stanford Creative Ignition Lab at Autodesk
3 – 4 Units

Letter Grade

Our creative limits are often based on how we were taught to view what is possible. In this class, we’ll employ the design thinking process to innovate and test new theories of learning engagement that inspire limitless possibilities and empower creative discovery. Students will pair up to lead and manage hybrid teams of industry experts, technical staff and enthusiastic fellows, utilizing emerging technology to pioneer and prototype innovations in learning engagement. These teams will work collaboratively to bring concepts into reality and then, test and refine them within the walls of the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco. We’ll meet twice weekly, Wednesdays at the d.school and Fridays at the Stanford Creative Ignition Lab, at 1 Market in San Francisco.

Each Wednesday meeting will have a distinguished expert guest from the fields of alternative education, improvisational design, story telling, experience design and more. Each guest will share their personal philosophies around creative leadership, alternative learning practices and engagement techniques, while equipping the class with new skill-sets to help innovate and prototype game-changing experiences in education.

Each Friday meeting will be spent in San Francisco engaging with mentors, tech professionals, and fellows to build-out the student lead teams. We will visit the Exploratorium, the Children’s Creativity Museum, Autodesk, Obscura Digital and other organizations, to gain insights into what makes an engaging experiential learning environment.

Students will gain a real-world leadership experience, being expected to motivate, manage, and lead the multiple stakeholders of their teams. Most importantly, students will have the opportunity to bring their groundbreaking vision to fruition while working with top-level mentors, excellent technical support and their teaching team. Teams will have the unique opportunity to put their final projects to the test in the central exhibit space of the Children’s Creativity Museum.

Accepting 12 Students. Open to Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Fellows, post-docs.
Application closed

Teaching Team Members:
Michael Sturtz, Executive Director, Stanford Creative Ignition Lab
Dan Klein, Lecturer, TAPS and the GSB, Improvisational Leadership
Sebastian Martin, Experience Designer, The Exploratorium



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Bursting the ‘Impossible’ Bubble: The Art of Creative Engagement