Building Your Negotiation Skills with Applied Improv

Winter 2016
Saturday Feb 27, 10:00am-6:00pm
Studio 1

Great negotiators improvise. Where many stakeholders are working within a complex scenario, the skilled negotiator is comfortable with the ambiguity and nimble in response to new information and changing positions. In this class you will learn some of the principles of Applied Improvisation — spontaneity, adaptability, agility, and presence in the moment. ¬†Guided by experts in the improvisational arts, you will work through exercises that identify, isolate and improve these skills. You will then bring them to bear in a multi-party, multi-issue negotiation simulation with your fellow students, after which the group will debrief and share their experiences and learnings. No prior design thinking or applied improv coursework or experience is necessary; some formal training in negotiation is highly desirable.

Accepting 20-24 students. Graduate students, Fellows, Post-docs. Apply here before Sunday December 6 at 11:59pm.

Teaching Team
Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Management Science and Engineering,
David Johnson, Stanford Law School
Erik Olesund,