Public Workshop – Designing inSIGHT: Getting visual to crack into your creativity, July 24


After our workshop, you’ll be able to crack into your creativity every day, no matter what you do. First, you’ll talk the talk. You’ll learn glyph, the “language” of creativity. Glyph combines visual and verbal elements proven to improve your memory and inspire your creativity. All you need is a pen. Next, you’ll walk the walk.

We will spend the second half of the workshop applying glyph in a rapid design challenge specific to your work. Led by the’s Launchpad-grad and’s Alli McKee, this workshop will give you a set of basic skills that will change the way you think about your own creativity, and the way you work.

This hands-on workshop will be hosted at the on July 24 from 2:30-5pm. Space is limited. Register here as an individual or encourage a small team from work to sign up!


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