Join the Maker Breaker, an experiment in hybrid learning

3-D printing. Mass customization. A new generation of makers. A move overseas – or maybe a renaissance in American manufacturing, depending on who you ask. We’re at a crossroads in the future of making and manufacturing.

Breaker 2013: The Future of Stuff (we’re calling it #MakerBreaker) is open to anybody who wants to take on the challenge – yes, that means you.

Our prototype is a 14-day design thinking and entrepreneurship challenge that runs from today through July 2. Check out the site at To sign up for the course, fill out this registration form. We’ve got a small group meeting daily here at the, or you can go through the challenge wherever in the world you are.

This year’s Maker Breaker is a collaboration between Project Breaker and the’s K12 Lab Network. To see our learning materials and learn more about the course, visit