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  1. Peter Hutton
    Peter Hutton November 13, 2012 at 3:08 pm |

    Hi Susie,

    Last year all of us at Beaver worked with IDEO to find ways to use Design Thinking in our classrooms to develop essential skills such as creative & innovative problem solving, collaboration, visual communication, empathy, etc. To date we are finding success in all grades and all disciplines. We are grades 6-12 and I think what makes us somewhat unique is that we see Design Thinking as a valuable strategy for learning in the high school. It seems that most schools tend to limit DT to grades K-8. I wonder if you could see ways Beaver could work with you as you “relaunch” your work at the d school. Would love to talk.

    Peter Hutton, Head of School
    Beaver Country day School

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