Hack.D Day 2 Wrap-Up

Over 36 hours into the weekend, there is still incredible energy across about a dozen diverse teams hacking away on a wide variety of projects to address this hackathon’s challenge to Bring Design Thinking to the World. After organizing together out of 125 unacquainted participants early on Friday night, the diversity in backgrounds and approaches of the teams is on full display.

Taking advantage of one of the first instances of a university institution fully opening their website code to be hacked and reimagined by its community, some teams are building complete overhaul’s of the d.school’s digital presence. Others are building new and imaginative games, workshops, and learning experiences which can plug into future d.school initiatives and be spread online. Still others are rethinking ways that hidden, inaccessible, or difficult-to-find d.school content can be repurposed in a way that brings it to life to be used for creative learning across a new global audience.

Teams have also been taking advantage of all the d.school’s resources – like prototyping bins, ubiquitous whiteboards, and fully modular furniture – in a facility that has been imagined and built from the ground up with design thinking in mind.











And this weekend’s keynote speaker (and final judge) IDEO Founder David Kelley stopped by yesterday to talk directly with some of the teams and give them pointed feedback and other words of wisdom from his decades in the field. Teams are now getting set to present as we speak, and all the projects will be visible on the HACK.d Projects Page shortly. Stay tuned!