d.school launches 2 new lines of d.search

The HPI — Stanford Design Thinking Research Program announced the list of research projects it will support this year.  Two of d.school projects on that list will significantly push the effort to measure the impact design thinking has on d.school students:

Design Thinking Assessment Metric for Use in Education

(Shelley Goldman, Maureen Carroll, Leticia Britos, Zaza Kabayadondo, Adam Royalty)
This research will focus on creating assessment metrics for teachers of design thinking to use with their students.

Developing a Design Thinking Evaluation System

(Bernard Roth, Adam Royalty)
This project aims to evaluate how students who experience design thinking apply the methodologies and mindsets learned to their studies and/or professions.

By incorporating the findings of this work, the d.school will be able to better evolve its education practice to maximize the impact it makes.