Embracing Design Thinking: Reworking POV Pays Off

Developing a strong point of view can be one of the most challenging points in the design process. At the d.school we teach the creation of point of view statements after empathy work and as part of the define phase of the design process. Developing a point of view (POV) is what forces students, and designers alike, to become very clear about the their user, his or her needs and the insights they’ve gained about them through needfinding. A simple formula is USER + NEED + INSIGHT = Point of View.

Now that the d.school has a growing number of alums out in the world doing great work we’ve begun to cull their stories to highlight how the design thinking process contributed to their success. One of the first stories we followed is that of Embrace. Embrace began as a class project in Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordablity and is now a non-profit based in India. Developing a POV was particularly challenging, and their decision strongly shaped the future of their project.

We’ve used this video in classes to illuminate the power of POV and found it to be an effective tool. Try it with your team or in your class and let us know how it works.