Bill Moggridge to lead Cooper-Hewitt

If you've seen some mopey faces around the recently, it's probably because it's dawning on us that we'll no longer have the pleasure of Bill Moggridge's company. But our loss is most definitely a gain for the design community on a national scale, as Bill is headed to New York to lead the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institution.

Bill has had a key role in shaping what the is today, both as a teacher and as a design thinker.

“He’s one of the most designerly people I’ve ever known,” says Bernie Roth, our acting faculty director. “If you were to take a group of people on a long hike, and you finally come to a bench where you can sit down, everyone else would sit down, exhausted. But Bill would be thinking about the design of the bench. It’s really his life. Someone like that is not replaceable for us. But his move to Cooper-Hewitt is a great thing for the design community as a whole. He’s always been a statesman of design, and this role really just formalizes and expands what he’s always been doing.”

Before leaving this week for New York, Bill chatted with us about some of his goals for Cooper-Hewitt, and his thoughts on the four levels of design.

Bill's tenure comes as Cooper-Hewitt is transforming it's physical space with a complete renovation of the Andrew Carnegie Mansion, the museum's home. He’ll also be working to transform Cooper-Hewitt’s mandate to provide resources and leadership for the design community.

We're so grateful that Bill has been a part of the since the beginning, but we're even more excited to see what the next chapter holds.