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The fellows are at the heart of the growing, thriving d.community–which means that their roles are always evolving. We’re excited to announce new d.roles for two fellows from last year, as well as the launch of new directions for our current fellows.

2008-2009 Fellow Erica Estrada, who co-founded D.light as a student in Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability, is heading up a new Social Entrepreneurship lab at the d.school. The goal of the lab is to provide support and a community for entrepreneurs who are using design thinking to create social good.

Scott Witthoft has become co-director of our Environments Collaborative. He’s currently designing and building prototypes for new learning environments in the Peterson building, where the d.school will be moving in March.

Our current fellows, Thomas Both and Jeremy Utley, finished teaching the Design Thinking Bootcamp class last month. It’s our bedrock class for students, and our foundational teaching experience for d.fellows. The content of the Bootcamp class is always being refined, but Thomas and Jeremy worked with Dave Baggeroer to reinvent the teaching team model for the class.

In the past, bootcamp has been the full-time responsibility of as many as 12 teaching team members. In keeping with the d.school’s focus on scaling up, this year’s bootcamp team prototyped a networked approach, where a leaner teaching team draws on a wide network of design thinkers to present content in their area of expertise. The result? An overwhelming success, both in the student experience and in our learnings about how the networked approach can work.

“We learned that if you want to excel, you have to have a diversified teaching team of individuals who compliment one another,” Jeremy says. “It wasn’t a function of any single person’s efforts as much a harmonization of the skills on the team.” Jeremy, a GSB graduate who worked at the Boston Consulting Group before discovering the d.school, will now turn his focus to deepening our work with short-format programs and external partners.

Thomas, a 2008 graduate of the Joint Program in Design, spent a year exploring several aspects of design before coming to the d.school as a fellow. He interned in the engineering group at Smart Design consultancy, launched a product he designed, and had a piece of his art shown in a gallery. Post-bootcamp, Thomas is working on collecting and curating design thinking curriculum and making it sharable. He’ll also be looking creating processes for sharing teaching content.

“I think we’re really lucky as teachers at the d.school because the students who come here want to be here, and they’re really excited about learning the process,” Thomas says. “We have the opportunity to teach them something that’s potentially game-changing for them. It can change the way they go about their work, or even their life path. It’s exciting to think about how we can do that for a larger audience.”

Congrats to the fellows on their new roles!

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  1. Martin Rayala
    Martin Rayala January 23, 2010 at 6:29 am |

    The next step is to bring Design Thinking to students in K-12 schools as part of basic education (like reading and math).
    We are meeting at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. on April 13, 2010 to explore the policies, resources, and activities necessary to make design thinking part of regular curriculum every year.
    We would love to have your input and advice.
    IDEAS (International Design Education Alliance for Schools)

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