Teacher Celebration Event

On Tuesday, October 20th, teachers from all across the Bay Area descended on the d.school for an evening of excitement and celebration.  Many of the teachers were old friends of the family, having gone through some of the K12 lab’s past teacher trainings, but there were a significant number of new faces who certainly got to experience the energy of the d.school.

Most of the entertainment was provided by the SIMPS, the Stanford improv troop, as they held a workshop in which we learned a host of fun improv exercises, ultimately teaching us how to turn off our self-judging tendencies in favor of more free-flowing, creative discourse.

The night concluded as teachers were asked to enter our recording studio (provided by Stanford LDT student and K12 lab member Ben Grossman-Kahn) and capture their thoughts on design thinking.

All in all it was a fantastic night focused on celebrating people whom no mater how hard we try, never fully get the thanks they deserve.