#dboot09 @stanforddschool

Our Bootcamp class is deep into their second cycle on the design process, reinventing the “golden years” for rebellious baby boomers. In class Wednesday, empathy superhero Erica Estrada prototyped a Twitter-share of questions and stories from students who are out in the field doing interviews and observations. Bootcampers are getting out there to engage with users, bringing back some rich insights — and also some of the tough questions that come with working your way through the design process. You can find all of the Tweets tagged on Twitter with #dboot09, but here’s a sampling. (A Tweet tasting? Twitter dim sum?)

@LaurenFranzonit amazing the deeply personal insights and experiences people are willing to share with you after just meeting you.

@JoaquinTirado Boomer fact: boomer divorce rate is triple that of their parents’ generation. Why? changes in gender roles or in family dynamics?

@scientiffic getting people to trust you in the least amount of time possible has been the biggest challenge!

@gabosama Once you find a subject with a good POV, do you keep looking for more people or stick to that one person?

@ericadestrada @gabosama does ur POV hinge on an extreme user? step back and de-intensify their traits; test proto on users with similar traits

@ericadoodle At the Laundromat I found a man having his golden years after a near death experience opened his eyes to life. Life is sweeter now.

@AshutoshBagaria A priest had a protective shell around him, just said he would like to preach god’s name, no retirement for him. How to go further?

@ericadestrada @AshutoshBagaria forget retirement; ask about plans to celebrate new life phase; how does he feel seeing othrs arnd him ‘retire’?