The d.school k12 lab is about improving the creative confidence of kids. When kids believe in themselves as design thinkers they are empowered to create a better world for themselves and their peers. ¬†Over the first two years of the lab, we’ve done everything from produce a design thinking space in an elementary school, to run workshops for hundreds of teachers, to help orchestrate a design contest around giving for 30,000 schools in India.

Stanford students have been integral in our success, and we’re excited to keep the work going.

Come by Tuesday from 10-12. We’ll explore how to get involved in this life-changing work. The needs will change as the quarter moves along, but guaranteed this quarter will include: classroom observation and time with kids, running workshops, making media, and other fun surprises.

See you Tuesday at 10am at the d.school – looking forward to a great quarter! Best, Rich, and the d.school k12 team

directions to the d.school: http://www.stanford.edu/group/dschool/our_place/directions.html

read up on the k12 lab: http://www.stanford.edu/group/dschool/k12/