d.school Hosts Design Thinking Workshop for East Palo Alto Teachers

On Friday September 18th, the d.school K-12 Lab held a two hour training session for EPAPA, an Aspire High School from East Palo Alto, and EPACS a K-8 school from East Palo Alto.

After a quick warm up, the teachers turned students used the d.school design process to create a way to “extend summer” for a partner.  Something especially important for employees of a year round school.  The prototypes included:

  • a mountain adventure experience (prototype included shaving cream)
  • personalized relaxation zones
  • a hat that allows the wearer to simultaneously calm the mind while energizing the body

From there, we explored the process phase of prototyping in more depth by reexamining the original prototypes but focusing on one of the main tenants.

  • Visualize Alternatives
  • Create Experiences
  • Involve Others Early
  • Keep it lo-res
  • Use What You Have
  • Isolate Variables
  • Prototype Everything
  • Prototype to Decide
  • Iterate Quickly

Of all the workshops we’ve done, this was likely the most energetic.  That may be because everyone had a case of the Fridays, and/or this is an extremely passionate, connected and motivated group.

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